Jericho Systems - Custom Decisioning

Personalization Based on the Current Session & Transaction, not just Past Information

There are many personalization and CRM (customer relationship management) solutions for the information technology industry. Many are adequate; but most lack true real-time functionality. Customer segmentation occurs offline generally in some sort of periodic batch processing not while your customer is clicking through your web site or on the phone with a call center representative. The result is categorization, not personalization. But customers don't want to be thrown into large buckets; they want a 1-to-1 relationship. Moreover, as level of personalization increases to include session/transaction sensitive variables; like session clickstream, current inventory, current selection, etc., the ROI for personalization initiatives improves substantially. Jericho Systems makes customized content decisions during every transaction; online, in-store and over the phone.
Personalization can also be utilized to selectively offer additional products and services at the time of sale. Each choice your customer makes about the product they are purchasing enables a set of new opportunities, while closing off other options. The EnterSpace Decisioning Service (ESDS) for Advertising/ Personalization enables you to make your customer ordering interface sensitive to those choices, and suggestively offer those options that are likely to appeal to the customer. It also enables you to leverage the information you collect about the customer's identity, probable usage model, history and demographics to select the optimal services and products to put in front of them literally, redefining the user experience each time the customer makes a choice.

Multi-Channel Personalization

Jericho Systems' personalization is enabled through any customer touch point across all brands, i.e. web, call center, retail outlets, voice response unit, kiosks, etc. Most personalization solutions operate on a single channel. Online personalization packages generally do not interact with call center personalization systems causing customer-specific messages to be inconsistent and drastically increasing the expense to implement personalization solutions. Who wants to buy two or more systems to do one job?

Centrally and Easily Administered, Enterprise-Wide

With Jericho Systems, personalization is a function brought to the enterprise level. From the ground up, the ESDS for Advertising/ Personalization is built for distributed administration of personalization opportunities. There may be personalization rules that operate across the entire enterprise, and personalization rules maintained by a specific division, region or office but the infrastructure and interface is consistent through the enterprise. In addition, the GUI for the management of personalization rules is built for the non-technical, but business savvy user.

Quickly Leverage Enterprise Information for 1-to-1 Relationships

Within most information technology companies, information silos exist creating walls between you and your customers. Jericho Systems tears down these walls by giving you the ability to rapidly connect to these disparate data sources and use them for your real-time personalization initiatives.

Utilize Real-Time, Digital Feedback to Improve Personalization Initiatives for Greater ROI

Your customers' behavior has enormous value. The ESDS for Advertising/ Personalization captures information about your customers and their decisions that has never before been effectively made available or utilized. For every personalization decision, the tool captures relevant information about the customer, the situation, the transaction and the content offered to them. This is stored in a repository that may be referenced by future decisions. This provides an adaptive capability which enables you to avoid saturating a customer with repetitive messages and enables customized content to be based on customer choices and behavioral patterns.
Our enterprise software tool creates a personalized environment, through whatever channel, whenever your customer chooses to enter that channel.