Jericho Systems - Attribute Based Access Control

ABAC solutions from Jericho Systems enable context-aware, dynamic access control for multiple use cases.

These use cases illustrate the power of ABAC with EnterSpace Technology to deliver context-aware and dynamic attribute based access control for commercial and tactical military purposes.

Breach Alerts
An enterprise sets ABAC policies to flag suspicious activity by known and authorized users. If a branch manager logs in after hours and is accessing sensitive customer information from an unrecognized IP address, a warning email is automatically sent to system administrators, who can take prompt corrective action. Read the white paper: Countering the Insider Threat with EnterSpace Technology »

User Provisioning
Large-scale enterprises have thousands of seasonal employees who need timely access to diverse IT systems and resources. ABAC policies can be set up to allow global access to any employees who are entered in the payroll database and have an active status. Read the white paper: Automated Provisioning with Attribute Based Access Control »

When a patient needs to transfer care to a new provider, his electronic health records need to be forwarded. ABAC policies can be used to prevent a healthcare organization from release protected personal healthcare information (PHI). Read the white paper: Achieving Meaningful Use Objectives with EnterSpace Exchange »

Military Collaboration
With one single point of entry, personnel on a joint task force who have newly arrived at a theatre of operation can be quickly authorized to logon to a tactical platform, thanks to an ABAC solution that taps into diverse human resource directories from multiple branches of the military and DoD agencies. The system could be configured so that individuals from different services who are participating in a joint operation can all see the same sensitive information, effectively limiting access on a dynamic, need-to-share basis. Read the case study: Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Security Framework for DCGS-A »

Situational Awareness
EnterSpace Decisioning Service allows global positioning system (GPS) information and other dynamically changing environmental attributes to be referenced as ABAC data sources and evaluated at set intervals. These attributes, for example, might be used to trigger "permit or deny" of data access any time a field operative is within a certain radius of enemy lines. Read about mandates for national security systems »

Real-Time Web and Cloud Access
Hand-held and other electronic field devices can request access authorization across wireless telecommunications and radio channels. The ABAC decisioning engine evaluates each authorization request individually, tapping into repositories of contextual attributes across the network to make dynamic, real-time access decisions.

More powerful and flexible than role-based access control, ABAC with EnterSpace Technology allows digital systems to evaluate multiple, dynamic fine-grained attributes from diverse data sources before authorizing user access.