Jericho Systems - EnterSpace® Exchange
A large telecommunications enterprise can have over 10 billion accounts, 100,000+ employees, 1,500 applications, and tens of thousands of databases. That’s a lot of data and transactions to protect.

Is your IT department bogged down by user access provisioning? Can permissions and entitlements be changed rapidly? Are users locked out of systems they need?
Streamline your enterprise's provisioning process using digital policies and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) enabled by EnterSpace® Decisioning Service.

Traditional access control is built around roles, so users receive access privileges and entitlements based on job title. When IT systems proliferate and employees are assigned new tasks, roles can multiply out of control.
Learn how ABAC with EnterSpace Decisioning Service reins in runaway roles, by making user role just one attribute among many referenced in digital policies.