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Is Your Healthcare Data Secure?

Control the flow of information within and between healthcare information exchanges (HIEs) and the nationwide eHealth Exchange using EnterSpace Exchange.

Benefit from:

  • Authorized access: Dynamically secure patient information at rest and in transit. Data labeling and data segmentation workflows enable control down to the granular level.
  • Governance: Real-time visibility into “who has access to what information” with the ability to make real-time adjustments.
  • Privacy: Assurance that confidential medical records are only visible to individuals with a justifiable business need.
  • Audit Reporting and Monitoring: Audit reports providing both immediate and historical visibility meeting today’s stringent compliance requirements.
  • Compliance: Conformance to the leading frameworks (eHealth Exchange, OASIS, ASTM) for the compliance of industry regulations/standards (HL7, HIPAA, HITECH Act).
  • Scalability: Utilizing open standards, our technology is flexible and agile allowing for customization to your environment.

EnterSpace Exchange features:

  • Web-based Patient Consent Portal: Consentral
  • Web-based Administration Portal
  • Audit and Compliance Service
  • Policy Decision Service
  • Central and regional Node Support
  • Policy Administration Point (supporting XACML policies created internally or externally)
  • Connected to External Attribute Sources (including Oracle, LDAP, MySQL, and others)
Link to Consentral page

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