Jericho Systems - EnterSpace® Decisioning Service

Introducing Defense-Grade Access Control

Deployed by national security systems — now available for commercial enterprises.
EnterSpace7 guards each element of your digital assets from unauthorized access. Going far beyond ordinary role-based access control, ESDS 7 delivers highly customizable attribute based access control (ABAC):
  • Scalable, defense-grade content filtering software
  • Incorporates industry standards, including XACML and SAML, for maximum interoperability
  • Pulls information from legacy data sources
  • Easy policy creation and workflow management
  • Supports audits, campaigns, payloads, and event triggering
  • Meets ABAC guidelines in NIST Special Publication 800-162

Is Your Data Secure? Are You Sure?

With ESDS 7, only the people and machines with the correct qualifications and authorization gain access to your data. You create the digital policies that guide access decisions, and ESDS does the rest.
ESDS 7 provides seamless, fine-grained access control to a wide range of valuable digital resources, communicating with your electronic authentication services, portals, policy stores, and databases.

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