Jericho Systems - Standards & Interoperability
With over 22 years of IT Industry experience, Vijay Subramanium has worked across many Industries and has led the design and implementation of complex IT systems for enterprises that involved: architectural, design, development, software release strategies, industry analysis, and customer interface roles. One of Vijay’s key roles at Jericho Systems is to lead Information Technology efforts and play a key role in mentoring internal Engineers about software technologies and information/operations security frameworks that are essential for successfully executing IT projects. Vijay’s duties also include end-to-end analysis of security and operational performance metrics to ensure fault-tolerance as well as identification and remediation of operating system, product, and network vulnerabilities. He leads the Jericho product Team in client fulfillment.
Vijay Subramanium holds a Bachelors of Technology – Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra India (1993)