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Dallas, TX. April 14, 2015

Jericho Systems presents "Protecting Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties using Data Labeling and Data Segmentation" at the upcoming IEEE Technologies for Homeland Security conference
Jericho promotes dynamically enforced privacy and access control for sensitive information sharing
Jericho Systems Corporation, the pioneer of attribute based access control (ABAC) and content filtering solutions, is prototyping data labeling and data segmentation (DLDS) privacy-enabling technology for fusion centers. The 2015 IEEE Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security will be held April 14 - Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), Jericho will present the "Protecting Privacy, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties using Data Labeling and Segmentation" paper at the IEEE 2015 International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security. The paper will also be published in the Proceedings and in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The paper focuses on several capabilities to dynamically enforce privacy and access control in three unique scenarios involving:
  • Disparate organizations in the same jurisdiction
  • Disparate organizations in different jurisdictions
  • Disparate organizations in the same Community of Interest, but in different jurisdictions
This emerging technology also supports the privacy-enhancing, voluntary, secure, resilient, interoperable, cost-effective, and easy to use guiding principles of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).
"Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P), technology now built into our EnterSpace Exchange product for healthcare, will revolutionize how fusion centers and their critical infrastructure/key resource mission partners share and protect information," said Tim Schmoyer, CTO of Jericho Systems. "Our next-generation EnterSpace Technology® improves data collaboration and situational awareness in near real-time, while minimizing privacy risk in a well-defined, predictable, consistent, and auditable manner. This significantly increases trust and confidence that information is being controlled and protected appropriately in accordance with local, state, tribal, and federal privacy laws."
Fusion centers are required to collect factual information and then share the relevant information with their mission partners in the public and private sectors while protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. These mission partners may be within the same jurisdiction as the fusion center or in a different jurisdiction with different privacy laws and regulations.
Data labeling and segmentation, combined with ABAC, provides an extremely fine-grained data access control framework and dynamic control over the flow of information for all types of structured documents and geospatial files.
"The DHS fusion center environment provides the perfect model for meeting the challenge of protecting civil rights while continuing the critical mission of law enforcement, public safety, and critical infrastructure protection," said Bill Doyle, Information Assurance Architect for Jericho Systems.
This DHS pilot is a part of a multi-year effort that furthers the development of the prototyping, benchmarking, testing, piloting, and commercializing of an identity and access management (IdAM) solution.
About Jericho Systems Corporation
Since 2002, Jericho Systems remains the pioneer in privacy and security solutions, having authored nine international standards and awarded eight United States patents. Jericho's flagship product, EnterSpace®, is the first Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) product, proven and deployed across financial services, healthcare, US defense, and US intelligence. EnterSpace Exchange, customized for the healthcare enterprise, has been recognized by privacy industry experts as a "Best Privacy Technology."
Jericho Systems' solutions were inspired by the attacks on 9/11 and our country’s need to securely share information in increasingly complex, global environments. Jericho Systems technology is exclusively Made in America.
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EnterSpace® may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 7,779,247, 7,792,828, 8,060,504, 8,438,159, 8,560,836, 8,745,718, 8,745,046 and 8,893,293.