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Jericho Systems Corporation

Jericho Systems Corporation was established in August 2002, inspired by our country's need to securely share information in increasingly complex and sophisticated environments.

The company name is derived from the biblical story of Jericho, an ancient city whose walls were torn down by a blast from a ram's horn. Jericho Systems works to tear down the walls between siloed business applications and implement dynamic rules and policies across the entire enterprise.

Jericho Systems' flagship product is the patented EnterSpace® Decisioning Service. This pioneering information technology evaluates situational context ("attributes") against enterprise policies and dynamically delivers customized content in real time.

Jericho Systems is a certified woman-owned corporation registered under Texas Certification Directory Numberâ„¢: 800711742.

Jericho Systems Corporation
25 Highland Park Village, Ste 100330
Dallas, TX 75205
972-231-2000 (Local)