White Paper: The Precision of Labeling with the Power of Segmentation

Enterprise 9Jericho Systems’ EnterSpace 9 combines Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) with Data Labeling and Data Segmentation (DLDS) for fine-grained access control and event triggers at the Cell Layer for redacting, masking, and anonymizing documents and files.
Using EnterSpace, your organization can efficiently manage access to any type of digitally controlled resource within the enterprise. EnterSpace also connects to a Backend Attribute Exchange (BAE), which enables the exchange of identity and entitlement information about requestors in different domains. EnterSpace 9 provides the following benefits:

This discussion pertains to the following topics:

  • Evaluates digital access requests against policies and rules
  • Creates and applies security tags, policies, and rules to data segments
  • Redacts sensitive data segments prior to document release
  • Extends to reflect requirements of multiple organizations and jurisdictions
  • More capability listed with download